Two Food Intolerance Books Worth a Look

I recently came across two good books that I enjoyed reading. The first book is Change Your Diet and Change Your Life written by Sharla Race.  The second book, written by James L. Gibb, is entitled Is Food Making You Sick? The Strictly Low Histamine Diet.

Change Your DietIn Change Your Diet and Change Your life, Ms. Race shares that she has a salicylate intolerance and by changing her diet she improved her health. Her very informative book discusses:

  • what health issues may be related to food intolerance/allergy
  • how to go about identifying whether or not food intolerance/allergy may be an issue for you
  • various food chemicals such as histamine, salicylates, gluten, oxalic acid, etc
  • which individual foods can be problematic (such as eggs, corn, fish, milk, peanuts, etc)

At the end of each chapter, she lists references and there is an index at the back of the book.


Is Food Making You SickIn the first 82 pages of the book Is Food Making You Sick, Mr Gibbs discusses histamine intolerance, what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid. He bases his food lists on three sources: (1) Dr. Janice Joneja, PhD, RD, (2) Allergy UK, and (3)The Swiss Allergy Centre and The Swiss Interest Group Histamine Intolerance (SIGHI). Only foods deemed low histamine by all three sources make it onto his safe list of foods.

The second half of his book, pages 86-300, is comprised of recipes using low histamine foods.  He concludes his book with 25 pages of references and an index.

Both authors have websites. Ms. Race’s website is: Food Can Make You Ill.

Mr. Gibb’s website is: The Strictly Low Histamine Diet

While I don’t *think* I have a salicylate intolerance, it appears I may be dealing with a histamine intolerance. However, even some foods that are low in histamine (eg: rice and egg yolks) have given me significant issues when challenged so it seems I am dealing with more than just a histamine intolerance. We also know that I have chronic viral infections which is unfortunate, unpleasant, and generally unwelcome in my life!

If you think you are dealing with food intolerance then discuss this with your health care provider, check out these two books and the other resources on my Resources page. Good luck figuring it all out! I’m still in the middle of sorting things out and I need all the luck I can get!


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