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Tomatoes are Restricted on a Low Histamine Diet
Tomatoes are Restricted on a Low Histamine Diet

I’ve written a couple of posts on Histamine Intolerance, since I *think* that is part of what I am dealing with. Those posts can be found here. I have since found some additional helpful information.

One thing I found out about histamine food lists is that they don’t always agree with each other. Oh, they do agree on the really high histamine containing foods such as fermented foods, tomatoes and spinach. But when I compared the lists more closely, I saw some discrepancies. And so it comes down to what each person can tolerate.

What was helpful for me this week was discovering a possible reason for why a B supplement I tried gave me symptoms. According to the last page (page 8) of the SIGHI Histamine Potential of Food and Additives list, folic acid is pretty good at liberating histamine. Maybe that is what caused the problem. I have since found a B supplement that doesn’t contain folic acid and it didn’t cause me any issues. Perhaps I will someday retest the folic acid containing supplement to see if I get the same reaction. But that won’t be today. I’m not fond of purposely making myself have symptoms!

I hope you find this information helpful. I write this blog partly for me….so I can keep track of the information I find. I hope it helps others too!

These resources will soon be added to the Resources page of the website. But that won’t be today either as I am off to help my son with something!


2 thoughts on “More Histamine Intolerance Resources

  1. Folic acid doesn’t liberate histamine, niacin does (and any form of niacin.

    Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate which is related to gluatamic acid (which may have been what you were reacting to), but natural forms of folate (methylfolate or folinic acid) will HELP methylation, which is one of the two ways of lowering histamine levels.

    Hope this is helpful.

  2. Hi Marcia~ Thank you for taking the time to comment. I did switch to Thorne’s Children’s Basic Nutrients which contains folate instead of folic acid and I have done fine with that. It also contains niacin, but that hasn’t affected me negatively.

    Some day I hope my diet will be well rounded enough so I won’t need to take multi-vitamins!!

    All the best,

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