Diamine Oxidase Enzyme Supplements

Diamine Oxidase Supplements
Diamine Oxidase Supplements

I first wrote about Diamine Oxidase enzyme supplements in this post. (In a nutshell, diamine oxidase is an enzyme your body makes to break down ingested histamine. If your body doesn’t make enough of the enzyme, you may have issues with histamine building up and symptoms resulting.)

I wasn’t eating animal protein because no matter what I tried (chicken, fish, lamb, pork or beef) it gave me headaches and other issues. I wasn’t eating legumes because it made my GI tract unhappy. I desperately needed protein so when I decided to try the diamine oxidase supplements it was with the animal protein. (Even though, to be honest, I would prefer to eat plant protein!)

I tried the DAOSin twice and it seemed to give me a headache about an hour after taking it. I suspected that some of the filler ingredients in the DAOSin were causing the headaches (eg the rice starch or corn starch).

I searched for a product that didn’t contain those ingredients. I found Histame and ordered it. Here is their website. I tried it at home, testing it with chicken for the first time on August 5th and it seemed to help. I was traveling the next week and for the first time in over a year I ate in restaurants. I ordered my food plain, avoided any high histamine foods, and asked for the freshest meat or fish they had on the menu. And I brought my Histame with me and took 2 with each meal.

It did allow me to eat some of the meals without a problem. I was very happy and excited. Finally, if I were careful, I could enjoy going out with my family. I did have problems with two of the meals. One of the meals was a chicken dish, and I suspect the chicken wasn’t fresh. The other was a salmon dish. I slept poorly that night, was itchy and had sore joints in my hands and elbows. I’m suspecting that the salmon wasn’t very fresh either. I had eaten salmon twice previously (with Histame) and had done fine with it.

Yesterday I tried to eat chicken without any diamine oxidase enzyme to see if I would have any issues. And I did. I ate 1 oz of chicken mid morning, 1 ounce mid afternoon, and 1 ounce around 7 pm. This was the freshest chicken that the grocery store could offer me and I still had problems. I slept poorly and had a decently bad headache until 2 pm today. Yep, I need the diamine oxidase. Or I need to not eat animal protein. But I have to get protein from somewhere and while whey protein seems to work for me I don’t want to live on it.

I will continue to experiment with both supplements and with various animal and vegetable protein foods. It *seems* I require 1 Histame for about 2 ounces of animal protein.  For now I am grateful that there is something I can take to allow me to eat some protein. I only hope it continues to work for me!

And someday, I hope my body will be well enough to make it’s own diamine oxidase!

Update: November 29, 2014: In September I was made aware of the Emerson Ecologic’s website that listed the ingredients for Histame. On their website, they listed that the product contained rice starch, corn starch, and other ingredients not on the label.  I called the Naturally Vitamin company which makes Histame to clarify the situation. The person answering the phone could not tell me exactly what was in the Histame. I tried again a few days later and got the same response. I emailed the company on the 17th of November and have not received a reply. If they respond I will post what they say. I did notice yesterday that the ingredient list on the Emerson Ecologic’s website now matches what is on the Histame bottle.





10 thoughts on “Diamine Oxidase Enzyme Supplements

  1. I am so happy to hear you found something to help you eat protein! Hang in there. I am really happy that you were able to enjoy time away with your family!!

  2. Hi Tina,

    This is the exact reason that I had to stop eating animal protein. There is this feeling that one needs a lot of protein. Please check out http://www.drmcdougall.com. I switched to Dr. McDougalls eating plan and this has solved so many chronic issues.

    Take care

    1. Hi Kailash~
      Thanks for your suggestion to try the McDougall plan. I am familiar with Dr. McDougall, his work, and his website. I enjoy reading and posting occasionally on his patient forum. Unfortunately, a lot of McDougall friendly foods do not work for me. Rice, oats, wheat, potatoes, legumes and many fruits don’t work for me right now. Just this week I tested one bite (just one!) of corn and had a headache and other symptoms for a day and a half!!

      I’m glad you found relief from many of your chronic issues following his program. That is excellent!!! His suggestions have helped many and I am grateful for his dedication to helping people achieve better health.


  3. Hi, i have leaky gut, and i have been able to eat all meats until recently i couldnt tolerate any.. I get same reactions as you describe.. I have no idea what to do.. I have to try this product you mention and get back some normality. Am needing the protein also, this enzyme deffiecency is the worst thing somone can get

    1. Muris~ I am glad you found my experience helpful to you. I hope you find something that allows you to eat adequate protein!!

  4. Thank you Tina for this very good review. The first enzyme is out because I can’t do corn and the other, Shellac? I looked it up and it’s gross, but commonly used, and that the company doesn’t respond does not speak well of them, but at least you have something that is helping and I may have to resort to it as well.

    1. Hi Linda! I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post. I hope you find some answers to your health issues. Perhaps your current dietary adjustments will help you! I hope so!

      I emailed the company that makes Histame on the 17th of November to clarify what is in their product. I don’t have a reply as of today. If I do get a reply I will post it on my blog post and also let you know!

      Best wishes,

  5. This is great news Tina! Doesn’t it mean that rice and corn weren’t problems for you, or do you think the other ingredients in the Histame helped you deal with the rice and corn?

    1. Hi Kelly~
      I’m still experimenting with the diamine oxidase supplements. The Histame didn’t seem to work for me, at least not at the dose I used (2 capsules).

      And, at times, the DAOSin also hasn’t worked for me (also taken at 2 capsules).

      I am not eating high histamine foods when I take the DAO supplements (eg tomatoes, spinach, yogurt, etc). I just eat some animal protein, as that is my greatest need right now…making sure I get sufficient protein.

      I will be experimenting a bit more with the DAOSin on a trip I will be taking soon.

      I also recently purchased Histamine Block from Seeking Health. It looks to be the same product as DAOSin as they are both connected with Sciotec Diagnostic Technologies in Austria.

      I like that Seeking Health is very good at answering questions on their website, and according to their responses, one can take up to 4 capsules per meal.

      So, we’ll see. The supplements have not been reliably helpful, but I will continue to experiment. And that means even taking the DAOSin or Histamine Block by itself, without any high histamine foods to see how they affect me. (eg, does the corn starch, rice starch, or other ingredients in the supplements cause issues?)

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