My Salmon Challenge

The Salmon Challenge
The Salmon Challenge

Earlier this month I decided to challenge frozen wild caught salmon. I’ve had mixed results with salmon prior to this challenge. Once I bought some in a store, prepared it myself, ate it, and did OK (taking 2 Histames with it). Another time I ate some in a local restaurant (also with two Histames), and did not do well. A year ago, when I didn’t know that histamine intolerance was likely an issue for me, I bought some from a store, cooked it myself, ate it and developed a severe headache (read: I had to be horizontal). I then went on to develop significant left hip pain.

So I knew, based on previous experience, that I might have a difficult time, but I was hoping it would be OK. You see, I want to be able to eat a variety of food, and I need the protein.  So I gave the frozen salmon a try.

I took the piece of frozen salmon which was sealed in it’s own package and defrosted it quickly in a bowl of hot water. I baked the salmon plain (I know the photo of the salmon has spices on it, but that is my husband’s salmon at a later meal because I neglected to take a photo of mine when I challenged it.) I weighed the salmon before eating (2.6 oz) and took two Histames with it hoping that would degrade whatever histamine I ate at that meal.

I started getting a headache prior to going to sleep that night. The headache (often severe at times) lasted for six full days. Three days after eating the fish I started to get a twinge of left hip pain. This developed into significant left hip pain (and even some right hip pain) that lasted for four solid days. The pain was so bad, it was difficult to sleep at night. This pattern of headache first, then severe hip pain starting a few days later is something I had experienced before with fish, rice and peanuts. So, it wasn’t a new experience but it was shocking to me (once again) that food can do this to a person! At the same time the hip pain started, I also got a HSV1 outbreak on my lip so I knew my body was under enough stress to reactivate viruses. That was worrisome to me for I’ve had significant issues in the past when viruses reactivated! In addition to the headaches and hip pain I was also tired, brain fogged and basically felt unwell and unmotivated.  I was miserable for seven  full days.

I won’t be eating frozen salmon again anytime soon!

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  1. Tina,

    I am so sorry to hear the salmon test didn’t go well. I will continue to keep you in prayer and hope you will find some more foods that work for you soon.

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