Turkey, BHT and Me

This Product Saved Me!
This Product Saved Me!

Turkey, BHT and Me. Yes, these are apparently all related, and not in a good way.

Last week I decided to challenge turkey. It was the freshest turkey I could get since it arrived at the store that day.  I ate 3.2 ounces of cooked turkey (with two Histames) around 7 p.m.

About 9 p.m., I was washing my face with two different products.  One face wash, which I used on the upper part of my face was a Boscia product. I have been using this cleanser on and off for over a year. The other product (a soap which will remain unnamed) was a recent purchase. It was supposed to be a hypoallergenic product. The soap listed BHT as an ingredient,  and I knew that could be problematic for people with histamine intolerance, so that is one reason I wasn’t using it on my entire body. That night I used the Boscia product on most of my face and the hypoallergenic soap on my chin.

As I was drying my face off, I noticed my chin was becoming itchy and was breaking out in hives! I was so startled! I quickly washed my chin with the Boscia product and the hives subsided. I was shocked at what had happened! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of my chin while it was breaking out.

The next morning I had a bad headache so I knew for sure that the turkey was not a good food for me. I then looked online about histamine intolerance and BHT. I knew it was recommended to avoid eating BHT if one was following a histamine restricted diet. I was unsure if that applied to topical application of BHT as in cosmetics, but apparently it does! And what is interesting is that I had used the soap a couple of times before and hadn’t experienced a problem. But it *seems* that because my body was struggling with the turkey I had eaten earlier that evening, that the BHT in the soap was more than my body could handle. A few days later, when I was feeling fine again, I tried the soap on my chin and I did not break out in hives. However, I don’t think I will use that soap again!! And I will definitely avoid BHT in food and cosmetics in the future!

Here are some resources/information that I found online about BHT and/or histamine.

Please remember that I am not a doctor, I am someone who is trying to improve my health and I write about my experiences in case it might help someone else. Always remember to check with your doctor about your health concerns.


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