Olive Oil, Fish and Lipid Levels

Olive Oil

To begin with I will share that my background is in nutrition. I have a B.S. in clinical dietetics and I’ve always eaten healthfully. So it has been a great annoyance to me to have a total cholesterol around 200 and an LDL around 120.

In May I stopped eating avocados because of their high histamine content. I can’t eat nuts, seeds, legumes or grains (they failed food challenges) so I started to eat olive oil for calories. I’m underweight and need the calories to maintain (and preferably gain) weight. I eat at least 3 tablespoons of olive oil a day, sometimes more. As I was putting the olive oil on my food I was thinking, “I wonder how all this oil is going to affect my lipid levels?” I was concerned it wouldn’t be a good result.

After many food challenges, I realized that I react to most animal protein, except very fresh fish. (Meaning fish that has no smell–yes– I smell it when I bring it home from the store). The other animal products seem to be too high in histamine for me….and fish can be high too, if it isn’t super fresh. So, in October I started eating fresh fish….every day or every other day for my protein. And I ate low histamine vegetables, fruits and olive oil. That is all. Oh, and sea salt. Exciting, huh?

I had lipid levels run on November 20th and surprisingly my total cholesterol and LDL were the lowest ever! (181 and 101 respectively).  I even checked to make sure the lab report was mine! (It was.)  When my cardiologist reviewed all my labs over the last 11 years he said these were the best labs in his opinion. I told him I was happy that all the olive oil had not impacted my labs negatively!

It is SO nice to have some positive news about my labs, especially since I was expecting the opposite.  YAY for something good that happened!


2 thoughts on “Olive Oil, Fish and Lipid Levels

  1. thank you for sharing this. I am on a journey also to health, am dealing with histamine issues i am pretty sure. Would be happy to have a positive side effect with the cholesterol lowering with Olive oil. Do you use coconut oil also? It just make me feel not as alone in the world knowing that you eat almost what I eat everyday.

    1. Hi Melissa~
      I ate coconut oil towards the end of 2013 because I was having what seemed to gall bladder issues whenever I ate avocados or olive oil. So I dropped both of those foods and ate only coconut oil (which doesn’t need bile from the gallbladder to be digested). I was not eating any other fat. My only protein at that time was skinless turkey breast which is 99% fat free. So, basically, my only fat was from the coconut oil. After I finished a jar it was time to run my annual lipid levels. My total cholesterol was 202 and my LDL 120. So the combination of coconut oil with turkey was not as good for my lipid levels as olive oil and fish are. I was not eating low histamine then, but I don’t think that affects cholesterol levels….

      I know what you mean about finding others that eat like you do. I’m on some Facebook forums that are low histamine and I find it pretty amazing that others have come to some of the same conclusions about what foods they have found to be “safe.”

      I wish you the very best in your journey to better health!!

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