Mercury in Seafood

mercury in seafoodMercury in seafood. Yes, I’ve heard about it, but I wasn’t paying much attention to it because I haven’t eaten much seafood the last two years. That changed recently as I realized that histamine containing foods were likely an issue for me. Most meats and poultry gave me problems, but I found that really fresh fish didn’t. So I began eating fish several times a week.

One of the fish I was enjoying eating was Opah from Hawaii. I decided to read about it online, and found to my dismay that it is high in mercury! The article in Mauitime is entitled We Look at the New University of Hawaii Research into Mercury Levels in Fish Caught in Hawaiian Waters and Ask if it Should Concern You.

YES! It concerns me! Fish is my main source of protein right now and I sure don’t need to be eating a boat load of mercury along with whatever fish I’m eating! The article Mercury in Seafood: a Little Clarity in Huff Post Green makes me want to check my mercury levels. But I won’t; I will watch the mercury content of my diet instead.

I did a bit more research and found some resources that can help a person identify the mercury content of the seafood they might want to eat:

  • A Local Guide to Eating Fish Safely–Hawaii State Department of Health (This is for pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children….but has good information for all of us!)
  • Consumer Guide to Mercury in Fish–Lists seafood in categories of least, moderate, high and highest mercury content–Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Mercury in Fish–A printable list of seafood that has least, moderate, and high amounts of mercury–Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Mercury Calculator–Allows you to calculate the amount of mercury you ate (or might want to eat) in seafood–Natural Resources Defense Council

The mercury content in seafood…..yes, this is a subject I will be paying close attention to from now on!!


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