Tracking Nutrient Intake

Cron-O-MeterOccasionally I track my nutrient intake to see how my diet is faring nutrient wise. Is it excellent, does it need a little help, or do I need to buy lots of vegetables as soon as possible??!! I use the awesome online Cron-O-Meter to find out exactly how I’m doing!

The Cron-O-Meter allows me to enter the food that I ate and it tells me how many calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat I’ve consumed (along with what percentage they are of my diet). The Cron-O-Meter also provides my vitamin and mineral intake in actual amounts as well as a percentage of recommended intake. It is easy to see where I’m doing well and where I need to improve.

It is super easy to add a food to your food diary using their food list. You click on the tab “Diary” and then “Add Food”. You type in the food you ate (eg banana), and several choices will come up. I select “banana, raw” and move to the bottom of the page to select the serving size that best describes what I ate. (Click on the little black arrow for more serving choices.) I often weigh my food so as to get a more accurate account of what I have eaten. So, I click on “oz – 28 g” and then enter how many ounces of banana I ate. But as you can see when you click the arrow, they give lots of possibilities for serving sizes so it isn’t necessary to weigh your food. Once you select how much of a food you’ve eaten, you click on “Add Serving.” The food gets added to a list and then you can continue to add the next food you’ve eaten.

adding a food Cron-O-Meter


One really nice feature is that the foods you added to a previous food record get saved, so when you click on “Add Food” a drop down list of these foods appear and you can choose from that list, saving some time.

Cron-O-Meter food list

The last time I used the Cron-O-Meter I found that my intake of choline, folate, calcium, vitamin D, selenium and zinc were low.  With this information, I used the internet to find what foods are highest in these nutrients and I concentrate on eating those foods if possible. If I find that difficult, then I consider taking a supplement. (I think nutrients from whole foods is always preferable over nutrients from supplements. Food tastes better for one reason!)

I use the free version of the Cron-O-Meter because it suits my needs for tracking nutrient intake. Others might find the Gold Edition more useful.

Whether you are just curious about how you are doing nutrient wise, or are on a restricted diet and want to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need, give the Cron-O-Meter a try!  It’s a great way to track your nutrient intake! You will like it!