Eating for Better Health

Dr. Furhman's Eat for Health BookThis past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a seminar hosted by our local university, featuring Joel Fuhrman, MD. Dr. Fuhrman promotes eating a high nutrient, plant based diet for better health. The seminar covered such topics as:

  • The Principles of a Nutritarian Diet (eat foods high in nutrient density, make sure there are no nutrient insufficiencies, ensure the diet is hormonally favorable and avoid foods high in toxins)
  • The Power of Food (specific foods are nutrient rich: eg: G-Bombs)
  • The Nutritarian Diet compared with the Standard American Diet (The Nutritarian Diet is vegetable based, high in fruits, beans, seeds and nuts, uses oil sparingly, and limits animal products to 4 servings per week or less). The Standard American Diet….well, think about what most people eat and you’ll see the difference….
  • Food Addictions and True Hunger
  • How Diet can Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Diabetes and Obesity
  • How to Implement Change

Many of these topics are covered in Dr. Furhman’s books, including Eat for Health.

I do try to eat healthfully, and I’ve been doing so my entire life. Since I studied nutrition in college and worked as a registered dietitian for years, I know about healthy eating. But lately I have been focused on my food intolerances and trying to figure those out.  This seminar was a very good reminder for me to concentrate on making my diet as healthy as it can be, inspite of the foods that I can’t tolerate right now. My body needs ample micronutrients to heal and it is up to me to feed myself so I have the best chance of that happening.

I highly recommend that you check out his books and his website. You might even consider becoming a member so as to access even more (very useful) information. And if Dr. Fuhrman comes to your town, attend one of his seminars. It will be inspiring and enlightening!  And you will leave with the knowledge on how to eat for better health!

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