Mushrooms and Histamine

MushroomsAfter spending a weekend with Dr. Fuhrman in a nutrition seminar, I thought I’d try to implement some of his Nutritarian principles. One food that he finds beneficial for health is mushrooms.

I know that mushrooms are on some lists as containing histamine and not on other lists. The list I was using this time was the SIGHI food compatibility list. If you scroll down to page 6 (page 8 of the entire document) you will see the Mushrooms, Fungi category.

I chose to eat the white button mushrooms since they are listed as a “1”, meaning they are not as high in histamine as other mushrooms are. They do contain other amines (noted by the “A”) and those can also bother me.

I ate one (rather large) mushroom that I had cooked in some olive oil on Thursday. Friday was a really good day for me, so I was excited that I could, perhaps, add mushrooms to my diet. On Friday, I cooked and ate two more white button mushrooms. Friday night didn’t go so well for me. I really didn’t sleep after 3:30 a.m. I was itchy, agitated, and felt sore and unwell. My eyes were quite puffy in the morning, my head hurt on and off and I just didn’t feel energetic or motivated. I felt like my body had been through (and was still going through) something really unpleasant. Needless to say, I didn’t make the 8 a.m. yoga class I had planned on attending.

I decided to look further for information on histamine and mushrooms and here are a few food lists that I found which list mushrooms as high in histamine:

This morning (Sunday) I woke feeling much better. My body is calm and not agitated, my body isn’t sore and my eyes aren’t puffy. I slept well last night. I still have a slight headache, but that isn’t unexpected. The headaches I get from ingesting too much histamine can last for a few days.

What I learned from this experience is one mushroom is probably OK for me on occasion (as long as it is the only high histamine food I’m consuming). Mushrooms two days in a row are not. I think I’m going to wait awhile before I eat mushrooms again…..

On the positive side of things, at least I know what happened to me this time!

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