A Delicious Restaurant Meal….

Chicken Fajita Saladthat didn’t work for me.  🙁

It is fortunate that I now have some idea of what foods work for me and what foods don’t. At least I can prepare myself for the possibility of feeling poorly, and if I do feel poorly, then I know what happened. If I don’t feel poorly, then it is one for the “win” column.

Recently, my husband and I were on a road trip. We always stay in hotels that have at least a microwave and a small refrigerator or better still, a small kitchen. It is essential for me right now since I prepare most of the food that I eat.

Sometimes I eat out, but I am always careful about what I eat so that I won’t feel horrible afterwards. I have learned that animal protein (unless it is very fresh fish) usually gives me a problem if I eat very much of it. (I suspect it is the histamine content that gives me the problems.)

We went to a Mexican restaurant because we were traveling in Arizona and New Mexico and that is the type of restaurant you will find in the small towns there.  I ordered the chicken fajita salad, asking for it to be served without avocado, tomato, sour cream, olives or salad dressing (as those foods are high in histamine).

I knew that the chicken could be problematic for me, for I’ve experienced problems with chicken before (and all animal protein for that matter).  But, I was hungry and so I ate about 4-5 pieces of the marinated chicken (which probably totaled 3 ounces or so).

I also took two DAOSins just in case they might help me. (I am still trying to figure out whether or not diamine oxidase enzyme supplements are helpful for me or not…..so far it seems they aren’t very helpful.)

The chicken was very good….it tasted like it had been marinated in lime juice (which can be problematic for those with histamine intolerance) and spices. Yum! But, the meal didn’t work for me. Within an hour I started to feel disconnected from my body and just not well. I woke the next morning with a headache that stayed with me for two days! 🙁

Well, at least I know what happened. I thought there could be a problem, and there was. And I learned that two DAOSins did not work for that amount of chicken. I don’t know if more DAOSins would have helped or not. That experiment will have to be for another time.

After a couple of days, I felt more connected to myself. And while I still had symptoms that I attribute to my infection associated Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I had enough energy to enjoy the rest of the trip and even do a hike!



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