The Community Market!

Farmer's MarketSummer is here and that means shopping at our local Community Market. I live in the mountains where pine trees grow well and fruit trees don’t. It is hard to garden at 7000 feet in elevation (it snowed twice in May), and while I used to grow vegetables and have fruit trees, I have found it is easier and more reliable to buy produce at our local Community Market.

I really appreciate the farmers who tend to their plants and drive from their farms to our mountain town to share their abundant produce with us.

When you are on a restricted diet it seems like there is much that you can’t eat. But I have found that there are a lot of vegetables that I can eat, so when Sunday comes around I stock up on all the delicious looking produce that works for me.

All the food in the above photo I can eat, except for the strawberries, which are high in histamine. I buy them for my husband, but I allow myself to eat a small one and seem to do fine with that. Someday, I will try a few more and see how I do…..  but, for now I am super happy to have lots and lots of fresh produce to enjoy!

I love carrots,


and beets,



and Swiss chard.

Swiss Chard


Fortunately, I can buy all of these delicious foods and much, much more at our local Community Market! If you have a Community Market close to you, check it out! You are bound to find something fresh and tasty that you can eat. Give it a try, and if you are like me, you will look forward to each day the Community Market comes to town!

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