Pasta made from Legumes!

While grocery shopping I spotted some pasta made from legumes!  I just had to see what they tasted like. I bought the red lentil rotini pasta and the black bean penne pasta. I also spotted a pasta made from green lentils at another store but I haven’t tried that yet.

Tolerant Pasta
Pasta made from legumes!

I enjoyed them both but I think I prefer the red lentil rotini. To me, the red lentil rotini tastes like a hearty, whole wheat pasta. It really doesn’t taste like lentils to me at all. My husband and three friends also tried the rotini and everyone enjoyed it.

The black bean pasta did taste like black beans to me, which makes sense. I did not serve it with a sauce, just ate it with a bit of olive oil and salt as I wanted to see what it tasted like. I bet it would taste yummy and look pretty with either a spaghetti sauce or my Tomato Free Marinara Sauce over it.  Yum! It would also be fun to serve it around Halloween with some sauteed carrots, for a black-and -orange side dish.  🙂

Recently, I stir-fried some vegetables and added the cooked rotini in once the vegetables were mostly cooked. I found it very tasty! It was a great way to add some protein to my vegies!

Vegies with Tolerant Pasta
Vegies with Red Lentil Rotini!

The pastas I bought have just one ingredient: either non-GMO organic red lentils or non-GMO organic black beans. Both products are high in protein,  fiber and carbohydrates. They provide a decent amount of iron, calcium, thiamin and zinc. I hope you enjoy the products as much as I do. Here is the website for Tolerant Foods.   Check it out!!



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