Food Intolerance and Road Tripping

Maroon Bells, Colorado
Maroon Bells, Colorado

Recently, my husband and I took a road trip to some of our National Parks and scenic areas in the west. We enjoyed seeing the fall colors during our drive.

What was very interesting to me was how my dietary intake affected how I felt. I know that certain foods or food chemicals (eg histamine) are problematic for me. To be able to say before I eat a food “This could give me problems” and then have the problem happen is affirming, startling and amazing all at the same time.

For example, one day we ate in a fast food restaurant for lunch. I ordered a grilled chicken breast on top of some greens, no dressing or croutons. Since I know that chicken can be a problem for me I wondered how I would do. Within an hour I started to feel poorly, and I had a headache that lasted into the next day. I looked up the ingredients for that particular chicken breast and found that it wasn’t just fresh chicken meat but there were also seasonings which, from a histamine intolerance issue, likely caused me problems also (concentrated lemon juice and dehydrated vinegar).

I tried to eat low histamine during the trip and when I did eat animal protein I took some diamine oxidase enzyme supplements too (3 to 4 of them). They didn’t really seem to help as I had problems anyway.

Some of the problems that appeared while traveling:

  • not sleeping well
  • knee pain as I went up and down stairs
  • joint pain in my hands
  • restless legs, especially as I tried to go to sleep
  • headaches (I had these almost daily, sometimes pretty severe)
  • increased fatigue

The foods that I was eating during this time that likely contributed to the problems based on past experience:

  • restaurant food, especially animal protein
  • rice
  • sunflower seed butter
  • potatoes
  • possibly quinoa
  • possibly beans

It was remarkable how well I felt once I got home and could eat my “safe” foods. The headaches went away, the joint pain went away, the restless legs went away, I am sleeping well and I’ve been feeling much better!

So now I really have to get serious about testing one food and only one food at a time, waiting for a full 72 hours and see how I feel. At least I know for sure that food affects how I feel. And I know some of the symptoms to look for. I am grateful to know that I can feel better. But geesh, this sure isn’t easy!! I would like to be able to eat more foods, especially while traveling and still feel well!!




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