Beans and Rice–Yummy Products to Try

Rancho Gordo BeansIt seems I have turned into a bean and rice foodie type person. Meaning I’m kinda choosy about the beans and rice that I really like to eat. Oh, I’ll eat most any beans….and most any rice. But the beans, and especially the rice I REALLY like to eat are mentioned below.  And it really is okay that I’m particular about my beans and rice since I don’t drink alcohol (so I can’t comment about that) and I don’t drink coffee or tea (so I can’t discuss those)….so beans and rice it is.

Here are the products I’ve used and enjoyed lately.  I hope you enjoy trying some of them too!

First, is Rancho Gordo Beans.  I ordered their 20 Big Ones sampler box and also signed up for their Bean Club shipments that arrive at my home every 3 months. The Bean Club isn’t always available to join but it was when I looked for it online so I decided to give it a try! I like that there are beans I’ve never even heard of!

In the Bean Club shipment that arrived at my house, a bag of Massa Organic Brown Rice was included.  Wow was this rice good! Chewy, flavorful and a I-can’t-stop-eating-it kinda good! I will definitely be buying more of it!

I looked around in my grocery store to see if there was something that came even close to the Massa product and Lundberg’s organic short grain brown rice is also quite tasty. In fact, since I’m traveling, I was able to buy some of the Lundberg rice and I have it cooking now on the stove!  🙂

I’ve also enjoyed cooking Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Organic Rice and Shine cereal some mornings.  I add two chopped Medjool dates while cooking and that adds a nice sweetness to the cereal.

For pasta, I’ve been really happy with DeLallo gluten free brown rice pasta. I used their fusilli in my minestrone soup recipe and their shells in my Pasta e Fagioli recipe. They are just yummy pastas!

Delallo Pasta

For traveling, I’ve found the Tasty Bite Rice (Brown and White) to be very convenient, especially if I only have a microwave available for cooking in my hotel room. I always travel with a large microwave safe bowl and a spoon. I don’t quite follow the instructions on the package….I open the package, put the amount of rice I want to eat in my bowl, add some water and microwave until the rice is as hot and as cooked as I want it.  (I tend to want it a bit more cooked than how it comes out of the package.)

Tasty Bite Rice

I hope you enjoy trying some of these products too!

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