Manuka Honey–Miracle in a Jar!

Various Brands of Manuka Honey
Various Brands of Manuka Honey

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I’ve known about Manuka Honey for years but it has only been in the last 6 months or so that I’ve experienced some of its magical powers personally. My husband calls it Pixie Dust. I call it a Miracle in a Jar….or Liquid Gold. Whatever it’s called, it’s worth it’s weight in gold… least to me.

I had a half full jar of the the Manuka Health MGO 250+ Manuka Honey sitting in my cabinet. I had tried eating it before, but didn’t see any health benefits. I now suspect that was because I was eating foods that weren’t working for me at the time. (See blog posts on food challenges if interested in my food intolerance journey.)

I was reading on some online forums that honey worked as a facial so I decided to try that. When I saw the Manuka Honey in my cabinet,I thought that might help the cystic acne that I had, since Manuka Honey has reported antimicrobial properties.  So I thinned a small amount of the honey with some water and put it on my face. I left it on for about 15 minutes and washed it off. The next day I was quite surprised to see that the cystic acne had reduced dramatically in size!   I continued to use the honey every time I got the acne and it worked every single time!

I eventually realized that the cystic acne was coming from the Vitamin B12 I was taking.I learned that if I take Vitamin B12 in any kind of large dose–like what many vitamin supplements contain–I will get cystic acne. If I take 32 mcg or less per day, I don’t get the acne and my serum Vitamin B12 levels are fine. I now use the a thinned water/honey mixture on my face at least twice a week before my shower….because why not? It seems to keep my face looking great!

I was traveling in Spain over the Christmas holidays visiting our son who was living there at that time. Of course I had my Manuka honey with me for my every-so-often facials. While there, one of my toenails (–alert!!!  this is kinda gross and embarrassing so skip this if you want to–!) fell off due to some toenail fungus. So, I decided to apply some Manuka Honey to four of my toenails: the one that fell off, 2 others that were looking like they were struggling, and to my big toe that has had toenail fungus for years.

(Can I say that it is embarrassing to write this kind of stuff on a blog???  But it might help someone so that is why I am writing it!)

Surprisingly enough, the toenail that had fallen off (middle toe, right foot in case you really want to know) grew in totally normal. The other two nails that were affected but not horribly so, also cleared up. The big toenail did not clear, so I bought some Manuka Oil to see if that would make a difference. If it does (and it is looking promising) I will update later.

So, after the cystic acne clear up and the toenail fungus partial victory, I started looking around the rest of my body to see if there were other things amiss. I noticed two warts by my left ankle that I had not noticed before and also many white spots on my feet that looked like the beginning of warts. So I applied the honey to all these spots. To my great surprise the small white spots went away overnight, and the warts dramatically improved in a weeks time. This first photo was taken on February 17, 2017….after I had applied the honey for a day or two and I could see that the warts were improving. I hadn’t used the honey long at all before I took the photo, because I wanted to document what would (or would not) happen.

Warts just after starting Manuka Honey
Warts just after starting Manuka Honey

Here is the same part of my foot on February 25th

Warts beginning to heal
Healing Warts

And here is a final photo taken on March 12th

Warts Gone
Warts Gone


I learned that applying straight honey to a wart is really sticky. (My socks would stick to my feet…which isn’t a really big deal, but if you are using the honey somewhere else clothes or hair sticks to it also. I know. Trust me on this.  🙂 ) A friend, who got rid of her wart in a week’s time using Pacific Resources International 5 + Manuka Honey, used a small bandage over her wart.  I started diluting the honey using about 2 parts water to 1 part honey and it  still kept the warts away. (I put the diluted honey / water in the small squirt bottle shown in the photo.) I noticed that the white spots would come back from time to time, so I would put the diluted honey mixture on it and the spots would go away again. To this day, I still put diluted the honey water on the warts (that aren’t there) and any spots I see that pop up on my feet (which I really haven’t seen for awhile now). The diluted honey isn’t sticky so my clothes and hair don’t stick to it.

One of my friends stated “I would bathe in it if I could”.  Which brings me to another use… I will add a drop or two of the diluted honey/ water mixture to a small amount of lotion and use that on my hands. It works even better than just the plain lotion at keeping my hands from being chapped and cracked. If my fingers or toes crack (which happens often in our cold, dry winters) I will add a dab of honey to the sore spot and it feels much better.

After the cystic acne victory, the partial toenail fungus victory and the wart victory, I got to thinking about my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) that we believe is infection associated. If the honey was killing off bacteria, fungus and viruses on the skin, I wondered what it would do if I ate some. Would it help me feel better? (For more information on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, see the Stanford ME/CFS Initiative Website.)

I started taking a very small amount (about 1/4 teaspoon a day) the end of February. I slowly increased it to about a teaspoon a day. I’m not talking about a heaping teaspoon, I’m talking about a level measuring teaspoon….so not very much.

Surprisingly, within about two weeks, I started to feel better. My brain was clearer, my GI tract felt better and I had more energy. March ended up being my best month…and then April beat March as being my best month!

Am I well? No. But I’m better. Do I still have ups and downs. Yes. But I will continue this honey experiment to see where it takes me. Manuka Honey has a different taste from regular honey. It is also way more expensive than regular honey. But if it is helping me (and time will tell) it is well worth the cost.

Do I recommend a certain brand of honey? No. I’m still playing around with that myself. You can read the reviews on Amazon and see people’s experiences. You can also read about the research that is being done with Manuka Honey on PubMed or Google Scholar.

What Manuka honey have I used? I’ve used the Manuka Health MGO 250+, Manuka Health MGO 400+Manuka Doctor 24+, Wedderspoon 16+ and Wedderspoon 16+ Honey on the Go travel packets. The travel packets are ideal for airplane travel and any place that you don’t want to be carting an open jar of honey around to. I have not used, but have purchased the Pacific Resources International 5+. 

As with any honey, it should not be given to babies. Check with your doctor if you have concerns about whether or not it is right for you.

For me, it is Pixie Dust, Liquid Gold, and Miracle in a Jar, all rolled into one and I will continue to use it for now.

Let me know if you find it helpful (or not).  🙂


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. It costs $1000 to have a toe nail treated for fungus with a laser.

    1. Wow! I didn’t know that! Maybe Manuka Oil or Manuka Honey will help you! Glad you found my experience helpful!

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