Pennies from Heaven

This story is written for all of you who are going through a difficult time right now, especially for my friends who have loved ones that are ill or dying. I know many of you are in that situation now, so it is time for me to share my Pennies from Heaven story.  I hope it will be an encouragement to you.

Many years ago, my father, who was 86 at the time, suddenly became ill. He lived in Tucson, Arizona and I lived in Flagstaff, Arizona, about a  five hour drive apart. I drove down to check on him and help him out.

I thought it best that he go to the emergency room since he wasn’t keeping liquids down and I didn’t want him to become dehydrated. He was admitted to the hospital, and long story short, after three very stressful and awful weeks, he died while in the ICU.

A few weeks prior to his death, I had read a story on the internet called Pennies From Heaven. I can’t find that story now, but basically it was about a young woman talking to her father as he was dying. She asked him how she would know he was there and helping her once he had died. He said that he would send her pennies from heaven to let her know. Anytime she found a penny she could be assured that he was with her, helping and encouraging her.

That story touched my heart and after my dad died, as I was walking from the hospital to my car, I asked him to please let me know that he was okay. When I got to my car, right next to it, lay a penny. Well, as you might imagine, I burst into tears. (I’ve got tears in my eyes now as I type this.)

The pennies continued to come.

When I drove to his house the next morning to pick up some items, a penny lay on the curb.

When I went to the attorney’s office to begin the estate settlement, a penny was next to where I parked my car.

When I went back to his house to begin the process of emptying and cleaning it, a penny lay where I decided to start……on the shelf in the back bedroom closet.

Each of these penny sightings gave me comfort in my time of loss and encouraged me that my father was with me, and more importantly that God cared for me and was also encouraging me. I came to see every penny that I found as a hug from God and my father…..a hug from heaven. They always seem to show up when I need encouragement and I am so grateful for them. (As you can tell by the photo, I save my Pennies from Heaven!) 🙂

I was in the San Jose airport, returning from a trip to see my doctor at Stanford and I overheard two women talking. One had just lost her daughter and was flying out to deal with that awful situation. I shared with the two of them my penny story, in the hopes that it would be of some comfort. As I finished sharing the story, I looked down in between the seats where we were sitting, and low and behold, a penny lay on the ground!! Needless to say, we were all speechless and started to cry.

I don’t know how God will comfort you in your time of trial, but I do know that He will comfort you. It might be Pennies from Heaven, or rainbows, or a hug , smile or a touch from a friend, or a meal or a pretty sunset. Whatever He sends your way, receive it and allow it to heal your soul.

You are in my prayers today. Hugs and love to you.