White Bean Green Chili

I live in the Southwest so I really (really) like Mexican food. This recipe uses white beans which can be homemade or canned and green chiles which can be canned or bought fresh and roasted, peeled and diced.

For simplicity, I used canned beans and canned green chiles.  But it is easy enough to make your own beans in the Instant Pot and roast your own chiles.

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Here’s a link to an Instant Pot   if you don’t already own one. I use mine a LOT, and although I didn’t need it for this recipe, I do use it for cooking rice and white beans.

Here’s a link for cooking beans in an Instant Pot.

Here’s a link for cooking rice in the Instant Pot. 

And here’s a link on how to roast, peel and dice green chiles.

I am still deciding if chiles work for my body or not,….they may not but I really (really) don’t want to give them up so I will keep testing them until I am sure (very sure) that they do or don’t work for me.

I hope you like this recipe!!    White Bean Green Chili

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