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You Season with Love 2016 067Hi and thanks for stopping by! My name is Tina and I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It seems I have multiple food intolerances and changing what I eat helps me feel better, so I started this blog in case what I’m learning could help others.

Always check with your health care provider before starting or changing any health or dietary programs.

For more information on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome see: Stanford ME/CFS Initiative 

If you have health concerns you might be interested in a book I wrote: When Something’s Wrong, How to Navigate the World of Health Care. 

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  1. Thanks for having this blog! I used to be very sick and had to be on a low histamine diet in order to feel well. I went on the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates a couple of years ago and got well – and could tolerate high histamine foods with ease. I’ve been off the diet for over a year now, and I’m starting to have chronic bronchitis issues again that I’ve linked to a high histamine pattern. I just remembered that mushrooms aren’t on the diet because of potential allergy reactions, and made the histamine connection. I googled it and found you. So anyway, thanks. I wish you wellness!

  2. Hi Bonnie~ I’m glad you found my blog helpful and I am grateful that you let me know! I wish you wellness too!

    All the best,

  3. Hi Tina,

    We spoke about a month ago. I am not seeing the summary of your health story that you mentioned is on your site. Will you please direct me to it?

    Liz Smentowski

  4. Hi and thank you for your blog:) I just found this site and am glad I did..I had CSF up until recently. I am completely free of fatigue and that horrible sick feeling! I am thrilled! I found Dr. Eaton in London and did 2 Reverse Therapy Sessions with him and that was all I needed to heal. I am so happy and I hope you can find the cure that you need as I know everyone is different. I wanted to share incase you wanted to look into it….if you haven’t already. Much love, healing, and blessings to you!!

    1. Thanks Angela for your comments! I’m glad you like my blog. That’s awesome that you are well now! Much love and blessings to you too! I’d wish you healing, but sounds like you have healed! Awesome!!

  5. Hi! So interesting! 4 yrs ago I suddenly came down with a serious illness, and after 4 yrs, 100 tests and doctors they finally told me that they just don’t not know. They think it’s like fibro, but without some of the symptoms. I am extremely sensitive to food, and it seems almost all food. I’ve noticed that the worst foods are higher in histamine which led me to your site.
    My eyes are always puffy, I’ve had a migraine for most of the 4 yrs, and I get very foggy headed when I’m at my worst. I’m curious about your eyes, what happens if you eat high histamine food? They get puffy on top, bottom or both?

    1. Hi Ken~ I am SO sorry for your health issues! I can relate! I would suggest you buy the book “Dealing with Food Allergies” by Janice Vickerstaff Joneja. Her chapter on biogenic amines intolerance might help you a lot!

      I haven’t noticed problems with my eyes so much (regarding puffiness or lack thereof)…..maybe it is there but my other symptoms grab my attention more. What happens to me when I eat an offending food is: headache, joint pain, itchyness, and generally not feeling well. I may not get all of the symptoms, depending on the food.

      You can read my post on oats….that was an eye opener for me (but not totally surprising because oats didn’t work for me when I tested them a couple of years ago). Since the oats test, I tested one large organic strawberry….that gave me a headache (also not surprising because that happened last year too). And by headache, I mean a headache that lasts well over a day!!

      Brazil nuts also didn’t go well for me recently….I ate one every other day for a total of 3 nuts and ended up with achy hands. :-(.

      Just yesterday I tried 1/8 tsp nutritional yeast and ended up with a significant itchy rash on my abdomen. I will retest in a few days to make sure it is the yeast…… but that wasn’t fun either. And I can’t remember the last time I had a rash like that anywhere on my body, which leads me to believe it was the yeast…..

      Her book may help you piece together how your food intolerances fit together. For example, I suspect, but am not sure, that my problem with strawberries may be benzoate related. I would not have known that if I hadn’t read her book.

      One thing that has helped me is Manuka Honey. That’s a long story and I will write a post about that at some point in time, but it seems to be helping my GI tract overall….and I can only hope it is healing it some so I can tolerate more foods…..

      I wish you better health and more food choices!!! Glad my site has been helpful for you! That is why I take the time to write out my experiences and what has been helpful to me. Thanks for taking the time to write!!!! 🙂

      1. One other suggestion….if you haven’t been tested for Mast Cell Activation Disorder, consider asking your doctors about that…..

  6. Thank you Tina! My first DEFINITE no no is dairy, but now it’s also tomatoes, garlic, even carrots!!!! Thank you for sharing your story and recipes! Sincerely,
    Cary, NC

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